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Fanny Soriano

At the age of twenty, Fanny Soriano graduated from the National Circus Arts Center (CNAC) in Châlons-en-Champagne, France, with the congratulations of the jury, a rare honour. Her specialty was the vertical rope, on which she developed a new approach to aerial techniques and created an original repertoire. Her work, recognized by its precision and sensitivity, articulates at the intersection of aerial arts, circus disciplines, dance and improvisation.   
Her research focuses on the point at which the athletic becomes artistic, namely on what allows the compact, goal-oriented body to become a sensitive, expressive body.
Her many encounters and collaborations (Archaos, Cirque Plume, Jacques Rebotier, Cahin-Caha, Collectif AOC...) have encouraged her to experiment and enrich her artistic work.  In 2005, she and Jules Beckman co-founded the company Libertivore and created the eponymous show in 2006.  Soriano created Hêtre in 2013.  Since then she created Phasmes, has worked as a director or “outside eye” in various companies (Rouge Elea, Compagnie des Corps Parlants Mathilde Monfreux, Timshel) and teaches regularly at the Fratellini Academy.

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