Creation 2017

Piece for two acrobats-dancers
For all - 30 minutes
For the indoor and the public area

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Urban outdoor photos : - Residence of creation at Merlan scène nationale de Marseille

Outdoor photos : Joseph Banderet / Festival patrimoine en mouvement / CIAM

Choreography, direction Fanny Soriano

Outside eye Damien Fournier et Mathilde Monfreux
Performers Voleak Ung et Vincent Brière
Music  Thomas Barrière
Lighting Cyril Leclerc
Costumes Sandrine Rozier

In an obscure light, a mysterious entity faces us. This chimera mutates, moves and interacts with its environment, eliciting animal, mineral and plant life. An intimate evolution ensues. The spectator is captivated by optical illusions and morphing apparitions : a galloping headless creature becomes a delicate insect, which in turn becomes a creeping alien architecture. It is revealed that the entity is in fact two bodies behaving as one, a body that unfolds and recoils, representing abstract and evocative figures. The performers, enthralled by equations of touch and weight, multiply the possibilities, inverting natural forces with games of balance and symmetry, in search of a common centre of gravity.  Sensuous and disturbing, brutal and fragile, Phasmes invents new acrobatic language, developed from the raw, tactile and transmutable body, to question the place of humans in nature.

With Phasmes, Fanny Soriano continues the work she started with Hêtre (the 25-minute solo for an aerial dancer and a suspended branch, created in 2015) around the relationship between humans and nature. Phasmes reimagines nature through two urban protagonists in an environment suggesting a forest. They explore, through their multiple desires, a world full of illusions.  Phasmes is simultaneously a continuity of Hêtre and a counterpoint to it energetically : more spirited, more acrobatic, more playful. It is a piece that dynamically compliments and contrasts its predecessor. Phasmes and Hêtre can be played independently or as a diptych.

Download the artistic file (English version)

PRODUCTION Libertivore

Archaos, National Circus Arts Center (Marseille, France)
Le Merlan, National Theatre (Marseille, France)
La Passerelle, National Theatre (Gap, France)
Friche la Belle de Mai, Theater Arts Center (Marseille, France)

This project was awarded: an artists’ creation grant by the city of Aubagne, France; theatre production assistance from the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur; and support from the department of Bouches-Du-Rhône’s center for artistic residencies.

For the 2015/16 through 2017/18 seasons, Libertivore – Fanny Soriano is supported by Le Merlan, National Theatre (Marseille, France) as part of its program La Ruche, a support cell for emerging companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.